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Written by Celaine Cabrera   

Press Release

01 March 2016


The Council for the Welfare of Children expresses its grave concern over the recent TV commercial of Gardenia entitled “Gardenia Drama.”


CWC is the government’s inter-agency body which is mandated to formulate policies and plans for children’s well-being and monitor the implementation and enforcement of laws to protect and promote children’s rights.

The 34-second video shows a family of four; meanwhile the father, son, and daughter expressing their sadness over the unbranded “Promo Bundle” bread in their table.


A scene in the recent Gardenia TV commercial screen captured from YouTube

On the first half of the commercial, the family conversation goes:

Son: “Akala niyo lang walang pinagkaiba pero meron, meron.”

Father: “Pinagpalit mo na ba kami?

Daughter: “Bakit po ‘nay? Hindi niyo na ba kami mahal?


The TV ad seemingly conveys how a family equates their mother’s love and care for them if they were to be provided with a Gardenia bread.


The CWC calls upon the media companies and advertising agencies to conceptualize appropriate advertisements sensitive to the values in which a child has to learn.

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