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The CWC Child Protection Policy is a guide for all the CWC staff, structures, and networks to guarantee at all times the protection of children in attendance/ participation to Council-initiated and supported activities. This Policy aims to increase awareness on children’s rights, specifically on child abuse and exploitation, and how it can be prevented in the CWC context; and ensure receptiveness in action to support and protect children from abusive acts.


Filipino children’s rights to survival, development, special protection and participation remain unfulfilled despite ongoing initiatives by both government and civil society organizations. Hence, the imperative need to renew and intensify government and civil society commitment to implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The vision of a Child-Friendly Philippines – A Caring and Protective Society for Children (CFP-CPSC), as a translation of our commitment to the CRC, needs to be shared and promoted among all sectors and levels of Philippine society.

The CFP-CPSC expresses a new vision, a new norm, a new culture for viewing and treating children in Philippine society. Children are human beings with dignity and basic human rights. As vulnerable members of society, children need nurture, care and protection. The CFP-CPSC culture is directed to the nurture, care and protection of all Filipino children. The CFP-CPSC culture therefore provides an overall framework for all advocacy and programming initiatives for and on behalf of children in the Philippines. The CFP-CPSC culture has the following key elements.


The Second National Plan of Action for Children (2nd NPAC) for 2011-2016 sets the agenda towards the progressive realization of the rights of Filipino children and the fulfilment of the commitment of the Government of the Philippines to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It is consistent with and builds on the goals, targets and strategies of the Philippine Development Plan, 2011-2016, to articulate the special and specific concerns of children.


2010 State of the Filipino Children Report

2010 State of the Filipino Children Report (Brochure)

1st National Plan of Action for Children 2005-2010

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