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TITLE OF ACTIVITY: 2019 National Children’s Month Celebration



The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) adopted on 20 November 1989 is the first legally binding universal treaty solely dedicated to the promotion and protection of children’s rights. It sets out the rights that must be realized for every child – the rights to survival, development, protection, and participation. It offers a vision of the child as an individual and as a member of a family and community, with rights and responsibilities appropriate to his or her age and stage of development.

The Philippines as a State Party to the Convention has the obligation and accountability to undertake all appropriate legislative, administrative, and other measures for the realization of children’s rights and that children have access to services, protection from all forms of abuse and violence, opportunities for personal development to reach their fullest potential.

By virtue of Republic Act 10661, the National Children’s Month (NCM) in the Philippines which commemorates the adoption of the UN CRC on 20 November 1989, is annually celebrated every November. It seeks to instill its significance in the Filipino consciousness.

This November 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the UNCRC and the 27th year of the NCM. Since the country’s ratification of the UN CRC in July 1990, there is much to be celebrated. However, despite over-all gains and continuing efforts of the Philippine Government, Filipino children and their family still face challenges which compromise their human rights and benefits of development.

This year’s celebration shall be anchored on the UN CRC and the 3rd National Plan of Action for Children (NPAC) Goals to progressively realize the rights of children:

Goal 1:     Children have a better quality and improved way of life;
Goal 2:     Children are well nourished, have healthy lives and are active learners with good quality education;
Goal 3:     Children are safe and free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation; and
Goal 4:     Children are actively participating in decision-making processes affecting their lives according to their evolving capacities.

In addition, it will complement the implementation of the Philippine Plan of Action to End Violence Against Children (PPAEVAC) through the following strategies:

Altering norms and values

- Promotion of evidence-based, age-appropriate and gender-responsive Parenting Program

• Education and life skills

- Integration of age-appropriate life skills and personal lesson in the curriculum and in community
- Ensuring that children attend school

• Access/provision of support and responsive services

- Provision of appropriate and quality protective, social, mental, health, legal and judicial services

• Implementation and enforcement of laws

- Localization of national laws and frameworks
- Legislative advocacy
- Setting-up of monitoring mechanism on the implementation of relevant laws

• Strengthening the functionality of structures and mechanisms for children
• Capability building for child-rights holders and duty-bearers
• Communication for behavioral change Engaging and mobilizing children and youth



As approved by the Council Board in May 2019, the 2019 NCM will focus on the “Karapatan ng Mga Bata” (Child Rights) in relation to the Philippine CRC implementation and accomplishments with the theme “Karapatang Pambata: Patuloy na Pahalagahan at Gampanan Tungo sa Magandang Kinabukasan.”



The 2019 NCM aims to celebrate the gains and successes of the Philippines in the promotion and protection of children’s rights. Specifically, it aims to:

  1. Intensify public awareness on the rights of children and remind all sectors of the community and society to be responsible in raising-up the Filipino child to become a well-rounded person and to protect her/him at all cost, as enshrined in the UN CRC.
    2. Promote further the institutionalization of a child-friendly environment and governance by promoting implementation and monitoring of CRC at all levels.
    3. Provide a platform for discourse on newly-enacted landmark legislations and persistent issues pertaining to children’s rights to survival, development, protection and participation.
    4. Empower children as rights-holders and duty-bearers to deliver commitment to promote, protect and fulfill rights of children.




The 2019 NCM icon translates the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” – with the child being at the core and consciousness of everyone in the country. The child as rights – holder is surrounded by duty – bearers, starting with the state as the primary duty – bearer in protecting and promoting their rights and welfare. It has the responsibility of enabling children as rights – holders to claim their rights by implementing child – friendly and child – sensitive policies, programs and services through the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of the government as represented in the middle. The state is supported by other duty – bearers such as their parents/ caregivers/ family members, the church, law enforcement officers, medical professionals, school personnel, and business owners. With this year’s theme “Karapatang Pambata: Patuloy na Pahalagahan at Gampanan Tungo sa Magandang Kinabukasan (Children’s Rights: Uphold, Respect, and Fulfill to a Better Future),” everyone is reminded to respect and fulfill children’s rights as written inside the icon.














2019 NCM Kick – Off Celebration

Children’s Festival


Please refer to attached program of activities (Annex A)

To celebrate the gains and successes on child rights promotion and protection of the country by enabling children’s right as part of their holistic development.


Survival Rights

First 1000 Days and Child Survival

Karapatan ng bawat bata na mabuhay at lumaking malusog at masigla.

·         Alagaan si baby mula sinapupunan hanggang siya ay magdalawang taon.

·         Kumpletuhin ang pre-natal check – up para masiguro ang kaligtasan at kalusugan ni baby.

·         Pasusuhin ng tama, sapat at ekslusibo (TSEk) si baby sa unang anim na buwan

·         Kumpletuhin ang bakuna ni baby ayon sa immunization schedule

·         Bigyan ng karagdagang masustansyang pagkain si baby mula ika-6 na buwan

habang patuloy na nagpapasuso hanggang 2 taong gulang.

Advocacy Forum

To create awareness on newly enacted laws on Mental Health and First 1000 Days.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Kalusugang pangkaisipan, karapatan ng mga bata at kabataan.

·         Ang kalusugan ng kaisipan ay kalusugan ng katawan.

-       Mental Health is not a disease and is not something to be shameful about

-       Like physical health, mental health needs care and attention.

·         It is OK to talk about what you are going through, seek help! (Mayroong nakikinig sa iyo. May karamay ka).

·         Tara usap tayo! (Access to mental health services for every child)

·         Malusog na kaisipan, mula sa sinapupunan hanggang sa paglaki. – link to 1st 1000 days.

 Magulang at lipunan ay katuwang ng bata tungo sa malusog na kaisipan (As parents and caregivers, we play an important role in child’s overall health).

Youth Camp for Children on Mental Health


Development Rights

Inclusive Education

Education for all

Children’s Rights in Education Summit

To inform and guide children and parents/caregivers on how to manage children’s online behavior and respond to education issues of CWDs, IPs and other sectors of children.

Online/ Digital Behavior of Children

Let children enjoy the benefits of a safer internet


Participation Rights

Children in Governance

Every child has the right to be heard

·         Children have a right to participate in the discussion of issues and decisions affecting them

·         #BataKasaliKa

“Bata, Kasali Ka” Children’s conference on their participation right.

Ako Para Sa Bata: Teens Conference

To enhance children’s engagement in matters affecting them.


Every child has the right to play

·         Children learn through play • Play is an essential tool towards development

·         #PlayIsARIght


Protection Rights

Children in Situations of Armed Conflict

Children are not soldiers

Children are zones of peace

Children are treated as victims

Child soldiers are to be rescued

·         Stop the War on Children

·         Bata h’wag idamay

·         Children need peaceful environment to thrive

·         Sa labanan, walang nanalo. Lahat talo

·         In every war is a war against children

·         Renounce war, protect children

Media Forum

To increase awareness on the newly enacted CSAC law and to continue the advocacy efforts for the CICL, the protection of children from labor and its worst forms, and on positive parenting as a strategy to end violence against children and address its adverse impact to them.


Positive Parenting

Love does not hurt

·         Realizing children’s rights to violence-free childhood;

·         No Violence against children is justifiable; all Violence against children is preventable

·         Positive preferred over violent discipline

·         Payo Hindi Palo

Media Forum and Film Viewing


Child Labor

Children should not be engaged in child labor

·         Child labor sugpuin, kinabukasan ng isang milyong batang malaya tiyakin

·         Stop Child Labor: Children deserve to be healthy, educated, secured, and happy.

·         #1MBatangMalaya

On – the – Spot Poster Making Contest


Children in Conflict with the Law

Posible ang pagbabago sa jjwa

·         #RA9344Ito

·         #PosibleSaJJWA

Spoken Poetry



  • Hanging of tarpaulins/ streamers about the Children’s Month Celebration;
  • Recitation ofPanatang Makabataa solemn oath on the promotion and protection of the rights of a child (Please refer to Annex B) during flag ceremony every Mondays of November;
  • Development, production and distribution of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials and other collaterals to include those developed by CWC;
  • Posting of the NCM official logo and the 2019 theme, audio visual presentation, and other NCM advocacy materials on the websites and official social media accounts;
  • Conduct of organizational activity related to the focus and theme of the 2019 NCM and submission of activity details by emailing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for inclusion in the official 27th NCM Calendar of Activities; and
  • Participation in all NCM major activities and NCM-related activities nationwide. 



  • Annex A: 2019 National Children’s Month Kick – Off Celebration (Program of Activities)
  • Anned B: Panatang Makabata