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Wednesday, 29 July 2015 18:18


The MTRCB has invited Executive Director Patricia B. Luna of Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) as a Resource Person at their Hearing Conference for the Television Program “Pinoy Big Brother 737” on 09 July 2015 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning before our Ad Hoc Adjudication Committee. The conference is meant to address the safety measures that may have been put in place by the program producer to guarantee that no participant in the Pinoy Big Brother 737 is exposed to situations, challenges and experiences which may be prejudicial to his/her well-being, or which may have a negative impact on the youth who may be watching the show.


Attached is the MTRCB Order as a result of the hearing.


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Street Children's are Victims not criminals PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 20 July 2015 12:57

Press Release


15 July 2015




Executive Director Patricia Luna of the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) expresses grave concern on the article which appeared on page 18 of the Philippine Star published on 13 July 2015 entitled “MPD rounds up street kids for mugging tourists” by Mr. Rey Galupo.

The report indicated several incidents of robbery and pick pocketing among tourists which involved six street children ages 10 to 12 years. The report also stated that the children belong to a gang handled by certain “Kuya”, who stays near the Ermita church.

CWC is the government’s inter-agency body mandated to formulate policies and plans for children’s well-being and monitor the implementation and enforcement of laws to protect and promote children’s rights reiterate the following statements:


1. The Street children are victims not criminals. Republic Act 9344 otherwise known “Juvenile Justice Welfare Act” classify street children as “children at risks” which refer to a child who is vulnerable to and at the risk of committing criminal offenses because of personal, family and social circumstances such as being abuse, exploited, abandoned or neglected, coming from a dysfunctional family, out of school, being member of gang and coming and living in a community with high level of criminality and drug abuse;


2. Section 14 of RA 9344 emphasizes the role of the mass media as follows “the mass media shall play an active role in the promotion of child rights, and delinquency prevention by relaying consistent messages through a balanced approach. Media practitioners shall, therefore, have the duty to maintain the highest critical and professional standards in reporting and covering cases of children in conflict with the law. In all publicity concerning children, the best interest of the child should be the primordial and paramount concern. Any undue, inappropriate and sensationalized publicity of any case involving a child in conflict with the law is hereby declared a violation of the child's rights”,


3. Compliance to the Protocol to Reach Out to Street Children per CWC Board Resolution No. 2 series of 2011 and DSWD-DILG Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1 series of 2012 specifically on the term “Round Up” which should not be used instead it will be ”Rescue or Reach-Out” as a process by which the street children are taken away from the streets and hazardous environment;


4. The Police should investigate the so called “Kuya” mentioned in the report, who allegedly the leader of the gang where the children are believed to be members and prosecute if found guilty of a violation of law on robbery and pick pocketing under the Revised Penal Code;

5. Since this is a coordinated activity with the local social welfare office as mentioned in the news article, we also enjoin the said office to provide the needed appropriate intervention to these minors and their families based on their mandate; and

6. The LOCAL COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN and BARANGAY COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECION OF CHILDREN of the concerned LGU should take action such as monitoring the activities of the street children and provision of diversion program to prevent delinquency. Care and protection of children should be a paramount concern of our BARANGAYS.



Mr. Elino L Bardillon

Public Affairs Information Office

Telephone No. 7811039 local 1006

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Philippines Child-Friendly Cities 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by LID   
Thursday, 16 July 2015 10:01



Top (left to right): National Awardees Davao City, Santiago City, and Tagaytay City receiving the trophy and cash prize

Middle: CWC Chairperson Sec. Dinky J. Soliman, DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima, DILG Undersecretary Austere A. Panadero, and CWC Executive Director Patricia B. Luna delivering their messages to the winning LGUs

Bottom: The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) Secretariat

headed by Executive Director Patricia B. Luna  with

DILG Undersecretary Austere A. Panadero and DOH Undersecretary Vicente Y. Belizario

Three local government units aced the efforts toward a child-friendly society in 2014. The coveted Presidential Award for Child-Friendly Cities and Municipalities (PACFMC) was conferred to Davao City for the Highly Urbanized City Category, Tagaytay City for the Component City Category and Santiago City for the Independent Component City Category. Each awardee received a presidential trophy and a cash prize of P500,000.00. DSWD Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, DILG Undersecretary Austere A.Panadero, DOH Undersecretary Vicente Y.Belizario and CWC Executive Director Patricia B. Luna presented the awards to winning LGUs at the Philippine International Convention Center on May 8, 2015.

The Presidential Award for Child-Friendly Municipalities and Cities has five categories, but no LGU qualified to become a National Awardee for the 1st to 3rd Class Municipality Category and 4th to 6th Class Municipality Category. The PACFMC Guidelines state that a National Awardee has to receive a score of at least 85%.

President Benigno S. Aquino III, in his written message, congratulated the awardees and the finalists, expressing optimism for a Philippines as a home to healthy, productive, and active young citizens. “The Filipino Youth are our country’s strongest allies in sowing the far-reaching, lasting positive change. They are the future builders of society, drivers of economy, and stewards of peace and prosperity. This  is why our government remains hard at work in pursuing reforms that promote their development and provide greater opportunities for them to lead dignified, meaningful lives”, he said.

The Presidential Award for Child-Friendly Municipalities and Cities has been an annual undertaking initiated by the Council for the Welfare of Children since 1999, pursuant to Executive Order No. 184. It seeks to encourage local government units to take part in the sustained promotion of children’s rights to survival, development, protection and participation, while ensuring child-friendly governance in the country.


The National Award Committee (NAC), composed of both government and non-government organizations, does the review, field validation and deliberation to come up with the national finalists and Presidential Awardees for the different categories for approval of the CWC Board.


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Cyber Bullying on Innocent Children PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 16:13


13 July 2015



CWC: STOP Cyber Bullying on innocent children!


Executive Director Patricia Luna of the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) expresses grave concern over the alleged video scandal of a famous Kapamilya Child Actress that is the hottest trending talk on facebook and twitter.

CWC is the government’s inter-agency body which is mandated to formulate policies and plans for children’s well-being and monitor the implementation and enforcement of laws to protect and promote children’s rights.

Incident report indicated that on July 10, 2015 the alleged scandalous one minute video of the child actress popped up and went viral. It now grabs the number one spot as the most trending topic on social media wherein floods of posts and reactions from Netizens keep on rising. Majority of the netizens are now puzzled whether the alleged scandal is true or is just made up by someone to destroy the good image of the child actress.


The posting of the girl picture is a form of Cyber Bullying which is one type of Child Pornography. Child Pornography refers to any representation, whether visual, audio, or written combination thereof, by electronic, mechanical, digital, optical, magnetic or any other means, of child engaged or involved in real or simulated explicit sexual activities based on Republic Act 9775 also known as the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009. Section 4, letter e of said Law state that “it is unlawful to publish, post exhibit, disseminate, distribute, transmit or broadcast child pornography or chid pornographic materials”. Any person guilty of violating Section 4 (e) shall suffer the penalty of reclusion in its minimum period and a fine of not less than five hundred thousand (500,000.00) but not more than One million pesos (1,000,00.00).


To all netizens STOP and DO NOT download, upload or pass this kind of materials. This is a form of exploitation and crime against our children.


To all the parents – please advise our little children to be careful and be responsible for their actions. Let us protect our children from all kinds of abuse including cyber bullying - it is their rights and our responsibility!



Mr. Elino L Bardillon

Public Affairs Information Office

Council for the Welfare of Children

Telephone No. 7811039 local 1005

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Emilio F. Mignone International Human Rights Prize 2015 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 03 July 2015 16:19




The Department of Foreign Affairs and the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) shares with you a copy of the Diplomatic Note from the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in the Philippines requesting nominations for the "Emilio F. Mignone International Human Rights Prize" 2015.

The "Emilio F. Mignone International Human Rights prize" was established in 2007 by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship to grant recognition to foreign institutions and/or individuals that have made outstanding contributions towards the promotion and/or protection of human rights in their own country in cases involving systematic violations of human rights, discrimination and social, economic and cultural rights, among other areas.

We would appreciate receiving your nominations on or before July 10, 2015.

Click here to download the Diplomatic Note


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