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Press Release

29 April 2016


The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) warns everyone, especially the students and parents, to be vigilant on suspicious advertisements preying on girls.

A concerned citizen reported to the CWC an online advertisement on the internet on April 13, 2016 while on search for rooms to rent.

The report came with the screen-captured advertisement, captioned with “Free room and food for school girls.”

It was also stated “I would like to offer free room and food for school going kids and girls. No rent required. Just for kind. God bless. Text me (+xxxxxxxxxxx).”

Further, the CWC deeply encourages everyone to be vigilant and report too good to be true advertisements to the proper authorities which could prevent victimization of girls and women.


Celaine Cabrera

Public Affairs Information Office

Council for the Welfare of Children


Telephone No.: 7811039 local 1005

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In recognition to the awareness and raise the important contributions and roles of women in all aspects of the Philippine society, the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) supports the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) in the All-Women Cast Lupang Hinirang Music Video.



CWC Facebook BataBidaKa link: https://www.facebook.com/batabidaka/

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016 18:10

22 March 2016


The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) conducted its Branding and Advocacy Session last March 21, 2016 at the Bellevue Hotel, Quezon City.

The Branding and Advocacy Session was attended by the CWC staff, Deputy Executive Director (DED) Atty. Marijoy D. Segui, and Mr. Nurveyev “Wowie” de Leon as the resource person for the event.

The aim of the activity is to address the need for stronger visibility and presence of the CWC.


The CWC Staff together with DED Atty. Marijoy Segui and Mr. de Leon (Upper portion); Mr. de Leon discussing Branding and Imaging to the participants (Lower left); and DED Atty. Marijoy Segui delivering her inspirational message (Lower right).

The morning session began with the introduction of participants and expectation setting. Mr. de Leon started by reviewing the advocacy activities of the CWC. Having gone through different milestones for 41 years, the CWC still aims to attain a high level of awareness and regard to the public.

He gave an insightful discussion on the need to promote brand and image, reiterating that garnering positive public opinion makes the institution relevant. Consequently, the CWC could create a leverage for the fulfillment of its mandate and agenda, he said.

For the afternoon session, Mr. de Leon and the participants focused on imaging planning for the CWC. The aim of the session is to formulate the Communication Plan to build and promote the CWC brand. Various strategies were raised and implementation methods were discussed.

After a series of brainstorming, the CWC came up with a new tagline “CWC, Making Things Happen for Children” which will be used in its various advocacy campaign.


Celaine Cabrera

Public Affairs Information Office

Council for the Welfare of Children

Telephone No.: 7811039 local 1005


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Tuesday, 22 March 2016 17:44

18 March 2016

CWC Conducts Orientation cum Work planning for the Newly-Hired RC/SCWC Technical Staff

The new directions and organizational transformation being instituted by CWC towards its  goal of   becoming  “the recognized lead advocate and monitoring body for child rights” requires the strengthening of  the RC/SCWCs as CWC's major arm/structure at the sub-national level and as the critical link between the national and local government for children's concerns.


CWC Deputy Executive Director, Atty. Marijoy D. Segui delivering her welcome remarks (Upper portion); Ms. Grace Alejandrino of the Policy and Planning Division of the CWC discussing the Thrust/Directions and Strategic Goals of the CWC (Lower left); and The RC/SCWC Technical Staff and the CWC staff taking a pose at the CWC (Lower right).

Given that CWC has no regional offices, the most that it can do in the meantime, is to hire a technical staff whose primary function is to act as the RC/SCWC Secretariat and assist the RC/SCWC perform its functions most importantly in the implementation of its planned activities.

For 2016, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) finally approved the budget allocation for the salaries of RC/SCWC Technical staff in all seventeen (17) RC/SCWCs.

The newly-hired Technical Staff for the Regional Committee/Sub-Committee for the Welfare of Children (RC/SCWC) participated in the two and a half day orientation cum workplanning conducted by the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) on March 8-10, 2016.  The activity was conducted at the Hive Hotel and Convention Place, Quezon City.

The orientation covers CWC mandate, vision mission, the basics on CWC's framework for a Child-Friendly Philippines which include the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC), National Plan of Action for Children among others.

Most importantly, the RC/SCWC Technical Staff were oriented on the RC/SCWC roles and functions and its functionality indicators and were clarified on their critical roles as

RC/SCWC Technical Staff.

As expected, the RC/SCWC Technical Staff came up with their respective workplans based on the 2016 Work and Financial Plan and Indicative Plans developed by during the Chairpersons and Members' Cluster Conference in 2015.

All the RC/SCWC Technical Staff visited CWC office and had some time for interaction with the other CWC staff as part of the activity.

With this development, CWC looks forward to the increased functionality of the RC/SCWCs in promoting and protecting child rights thereby pursuing our goal of achieving a "Child-Friendly Philippines.”


Flordeliza Gultiano

Monitoing and Evaluation Division

Council for the Welfare of Children

Telephone No.: 7811039 local 2006

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Written by Celaine Cabrera   

Press Release

01 March 2016



The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) under the leadership of Executive Director Patricia Luna condemns the recent reports on child pornography cases and sexual abuse on children.

CWC is the government’s inter-agency body which is mandated to formulate policies and plans for children’s well-being and monitor the implementation and enforcement of laws to protect and promote children’s rights. It has also been closely monitoring reports and persistent issues together with the Inter-Agency Council Against Child Pornography (IACACP) chaired by the DSWD and the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) chaired by the DOJ.

An incident report on the Philippine Star indicated that a 19 year-old-student from Manila was arrested for allegedly uploading a video of him raping his former girlfriend who is 14 years of age. The 14 year-old victim, who is now a third year high school student, stated that his former boyfriend even threatened her that he would upload the video and share it on social media.

The accused was charged with rape and violation in accordance with Republic Act No. 9995 otherwise known as the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 and with reference to the Republic Act 7160 otherwise known as Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act which penalizes child abuse.

According to the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP ACG), a total of 1,211 cybercrime complaints were filed from 2013-2015 alone. Cybercrime complaints includes photo and video voyeurism, identity theft, online scams, and online threats, and online libels.


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