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Press Release

02 February 2017

Observance of the 21st Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week




In celebration of the annual National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation or the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week (CSAAW), the Council for the Welfare of Children and its partner agencies launch this year’s 21st observance with the theme “WE ARE THE SOLUTION.”

Presidential Proclamation No. 731 series of 1996 declares the 2nd week of February each year as the National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

This year’s theme emphasizes the significance of “We” which pertains to the convergence of efforts from every individual in the community in ending child sexual abuse.

The number of reported child-abuse cases served by DSWD accounted sexually-abused and sexually-exploited children as the leading cases in the country through the following data.



Total Number of Child Abuse Cases served




1,378 (25%)


5, 006

1,246 (25%)


4, 873

1,172 (24%)



1,147 (26%)

(Source: DSWD Policy Development and Planning Bureau)

Data from the DSWD Reported Child Abuse Cases served showed a 21% (1,181) reduction of child abuse cases from 2012 - 2015. The reduction can be attributed to the increase awareness of the public and community on the consequences and/or penalty on child abuse specifically sexual abuse cases.

Further, the National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children (NBS-VAC) revealed that 1 in 5 children aged 13 - <18 years old have experienced sexual violence while growing up. It has been identified that among males who experienced sexual violence, the frequent perpetrators are cousins, fathers and brothers; nearly half of children experience violence online, whether sexual violence or cyber-bullying.

To further intensify public awareness on child sexual abuse and exploitation, below are the tentative line of activities for the observance of the national CSAAW:

1. Break the Silence (BTS) National Network Launch: The BTS Launch serves as the Kick-off activity for the CSAAW week which will be conducted in 06 February 2017/ 1 PM at the Philippine Christian University Auditorium, Taft Avenue, Manila;

2. Roundtable Discussion with Quezon City Family Court Judges and Prosecutors on the Kids and Teens Court Awareness Program: CPTSCA will share the outcome of the Kids and Teens Court Awareness Program on 06 February 2017/ 1-5 pm at the Hive Hotel, Quezon City; and

3. Fun and Learning Day with Children with Ateneo ECPAT: This activity will be conducted on 11 February 2017.


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