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The Council for the Welfare of Children is the focal inter-agency body of the Philippine Government for children. It is mandated to coordinate the implementation and enforcement of all laws; formulate, monitor and evaluate policies, programs and measures for children.

CWC Vision

The focal government inter-agency body providing dynamic leadership in ensuring a child-friendly and child-sensitive society where every child fully enjoys his/her rights.

CWC Mission

CWC shall undertake its coordinative role for children through:

Formulation and advocacy for the implementation of policies, programs and measures
Monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and measures
Advocacy for child rights and mobilization of resources
Building strong networks, partnerships and coordination mechanisms
Institution building of partners and stakeholders

Initiate, promote and advocate adoption of policies and measures to protect child rights
Build strong networks, partnerships and coordination mechanisms to ensure concerted efforts in the implementation of Child 21 and CRC
Create an environment that enables children to develop their full potentials
Facilitate institution-building of partners and other stakeholders
Monitor and evaluate the implementation of policies and programs
Undertake research and development activities
Legal Bases

Presidential Decree No. 603 (Dec. 10, 1974 aka “The Child and Youth Welfare Code”)
Created the CWC
Established it under the OP

Executive Order No. 708 (July 27, 1981)
Reorganized the OP and placed CWC under the DSWD

Executive Order No. 233 (July 22, 1987)
Redefined the role and organizational structure of the CWC
Enlarged its membership
Included youth representative to the CBR

Republic Act No. 8980 (December 5, 2000 aka “The Early Childhood Care and Development Act”)
Designated the CWC also as the National ECCD
Coordinating Council
CWC as attached it to the OP

Executive Order Act No. 349 (August 17, 2004)
Established clear lines of authority over the CWC/ NECCDCC Secretariat
DepEd Secretary to exercise primary oversight functions over the DED for NECCDC
DSWD Secretary to exercise primary oversight functions over DED for CWC

Executive Order No. 630 (June 28, 2007)
Transferred the CWC from OP to DSWD

Executive Order No. 760 (October 23, 2008)
Transferred the CWC/NECCDCC from DSWD to the OP and the Chairperson to be appointed by the President

Executive Order No. 778 (January 13, 2009)
Transformed the CWC into the ECCD Council, attached to the Office of the President. The functions and staff of CWC which are not part of ECCD are transferred to DSWD

Executive Order No. 806 (June 9, 2009)
Affirmed that CWC shall continue to function and exercise the same powers pursuant to the provisions of PD 603 and EO 233 and attached to DSWD